Christian Heritage School

Capital City Baptist Church established Christian Heritage School with the aim of reversing the cycle of poverty in lives of the next generation by giving children from economically disadvantaged families access to high quality education based on Christian values. The school also gives admission to children from families that are economically able to pay full school fees.

CHS operates on the following principles: Provide high quality Christ-centered education. Employing only qualified Christian teachers. Having no more than 25 children per teacher Giving equal attention to all children regardless of their socio-economic background. A curriculum that is oriented towards life skills and is internationally recognized. A policy of equal gender enrollment.


Fifty percent of the children who attend Christian Heritage School come from economically disadvantaged families. It costs $300 to keep each of those children in CHS. We appeal to well-wishers to sponsor a child/ children so that together we help break the vicious cycle of poverty upon their lives. The other fifty percent of the children are from families that are able to pay their fees.