Leadership of
Capital City Baptist Church

The powers of leadership and governance of Capital City Baptist Church are not concentrated in the hands of one person or one committee. There are different leadership structures in the church and each one of them is entrusted with specific roles and responsibilities.


The Board of Trustees in accordance with the Trustees Act of the Laws of Malawi are the custodians of both real and movable properties of Capital City Baptist Church.

The current list of Trustees is as follows: Mr. Winfred Chabuka Phiri and Mrs. Joyce Mwambaghi.

Pastoral Team

The pastoral team is headed by the Senior Pastor who provides the overall leadership for the pastoral team and the spiritual direction of the whole church. Each of the Associate Pastors has ministry responsibilities under his jurisdiction within the church.

Pastor Sandress Msiska – Senior Pastor

Pastor Aubrey Kanyama – Associate Pastor responsible for Chichewa services

Jimmy Phiri – Associate Pastor responsible for Missions and Outreach

Joy Elias – Youth Pastor

Council of Elders.

CCBC is an eldership led church. It is governed by a Council of Elders of which the Senior Pastor is a member. Elders are elected and confirmed by members of the church at Annual General Meetings. The current list of elders is as follows:

Sandress Msiska – Senior Pastor
Hestern Banda
John Sprowson
Bentry Kalanga
Jimmy Phiri
Marcus Muhariwa
Frank Maele
Aubrey Kanyama
Victor Kaonga

The Senior Pastor is the lead overseer of the church, and it is his responsibility to give and protect the vision of the church, train leaders, shepherd the flock, and be the primary preacher of the word of God for the church. Congregational health, institutional stability, ministry, continuity and sustainability are some of the key result areas of the Senior Pastor.


The purpose of deacons is to serve the Lord and His people by conducting the caring ministry of the church – doing the work of benevolence, visiting the sick, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation – freeing the pastor(s)and elders to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, thus facilitating the spread of the gospel and promoting unity within the church.