Recovery Begins

After a trying and devastating time by the heavy rain storms that have caused great damage to many parts of the country including our own ministry Adziwa, there has been a glimmer of hope of returning to normal as many people in the country have sent relief to many parts of the country in efforts to restore what has been lost and bring back smiles of those who have been affected.

The congregation of CCBC has also actively taken part in giving generously first for the restoration of the the damage at Adziwa but also extended a hand to the flood victims in Balaka by donating various food and clothes, so much that all of the donations would not fit in the truck that had also been freely provided by Four Seasons for transportation.

We are now seeing things slowly beginning to return to normal as the rains also begin to subside. The school at Adziwa has since been completely restored and children are once again in class and have started learning, and now because of the generous giving, there is a new glow on the children's faces as the have been given new supplies such as new desks and books which have boosted the standard higher than it was before the rain came.

We were not alone in this act of generosity as we were also given a helping hand by members from our partner church, The Peoples Church, whom among them were medical doctors. They were also kind enough to along supplies to assist in the restoration of the school.

We will keep on praying and giving as there is still a lot of people in need of a helping hand and the pain will not pass overnight.